Ginseng Pearl Root


SUPER INGREDIENT: SB Organics’ Premium American Ginseng pearl root is renown for its aromatic taste, rich flavor, and traditional health benefits. Not to mention, our premium ginseng is the perfect ingredient for delicious chicken ginseng soup or refreshing ginseng tea. Pearl is particularly excellent for chewing, given its bite-sized cut and texture.

ANTIOXIDANT RICH: SB Organics’ Ginseng are an antioxidant rich food source that helps you stay energized and healthy! How many other foods are tasty and healthy? Our ginseng has long been a key ingredient to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is widely used as a dietary supplement and botanical element.

ALL NATURAL & NATIVE: Also known as Panax Quinquefolius, our American Ginseng is grown in Wisconsin, recognized as the ginseng capital of the world. While the root is immensely popular in Asian tradition, ginseng is a root that is also native to American states, and is incredibly beneficial to local habitats.

DIMENSIONS: 6.5" x 11" bag

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