Honeycomb Box


SIMPLY BETTER: This is honey in its most natural and pristine form, extracted directly from the beehive with zero additives, pesticides or heat treatment. Our honey is farmed with the highest quality standards and is certified Kosher by EarthKosher.

DELICIOUS GIFT: Our honeycomb is pre-packed to be the perfect gift for any occasion. Every box of our all-natural honeycomb is delicately hand packed to assure that each customer is getting a solid 12oz of honey. Whether its for a housewarming party, a corporate gift or holiday event, your recipient will be delighted!

CRYSTALLIZED? Raw honey that contains zero preservatives may naturally crystallize under colder conditions. To de-crystallize, simply break apart the honeycomb into a glass jar then place the open jar into a pot of lukewarm water (do not submerge). Remove the jar of honey from the pot and allow to cool before storing at room temperature.

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