Wisconsin Ginseng Root Powder


CONTENTS: Available in 4oz, 8oz, and 1lb, each package contains pure powdered American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) sourced from Wisconsin, USA. Packaging design may vary.

SIMPLY BETTER: From the rich, fertile soil of Wisconsin, we found the gold standard of premium American ginseng. We partner with experienced farmers to cultivate the roots, which are then dried and ground with care to preserve their superior quality and earthy flavor.

NUTRIENT RICH: Loaded with antioxidants, our pure powdered ginseng has all the goodness that nature has to offer. Each serving gives you a boost of mental focus, physical energy, and overall wellness. Just mix into any drink, meal or snack to power up throughout the day!

VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Make the most out of this prized herb by adding it in your favorite recipes. Well-milled and easy to mix, you can create your own unique flavor profile with our powdered ginseng. From soups and meats to smoothies and hot teas, the possibilities are endless.

CERTIFIED PRODUCT: Ginseng Root Powder by SBO is certified kosher by EarthKosher and certified vegan by Vegan Verified. Made without GMOs, additives, or preservatives.

QUALITY ASSURED: Your health matters to you, so it matters to us. Our Ginseng Root Powder in addition to every SBO product is third-party lab tested for purity, quality, and safety.

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