Black Pin Sea Cucumber

  • BLACK PIN: These sea cucumbers are famous for their extremely spiky, jet black exterior. Grown in the shallows of the Mediterranean sea, these sea cucumbers thrive especially well in well-aerated reef flats or in seagrass meadows
  • SIZE: Black Pin Sea Cucumbers range in length from 1.5-2 in. inches. When fully hydrated, these sea cucumbers will increase in volume by 3-5 times. Larger sea cucumbers generally have a denser consistency and better absorb flavors from sauces and dishes. For preparation instructions, see the product description.
  • NATURAL: All sea cucumbers are wild-caught, and U.S Fish and Wildlife service approved. All of our products are processed, distributed, and sold in the U.S.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Wild sea cucumbers, naturally grown on ocean floors, are enjoyed not only as delicacies, but as superfoods with zero-carbohydrate, high protein content. Sea-cucumbers are well-known for reproductive enhancement, as well as anti-inflammatory and joint relief properties.
  • HUMANE: 100% of our sea cucumbers are wild caught. We do not purchase any products from artificial sea cucumber farms, and we only work with legally-authorized suppliers in compliance with international fish and wildlife conservation laws.

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